How To Enjoy Shower Sex After Seeking

Things to know while Looking for Sex in Shower

Having sex in shower cab be an unpredictable thing, it can be like fun if you both are horny. But some wrong moves can covert your entire horny mood into bed rest for a week. So to make your shower on your sex dating as much pleasant as you can, you have to follow such thing.

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#1 Lather up.

Don’t go direct to the point, are you looking for sex dating and have desire to enjoy sex with shower? Create mood first. Go with your lover in bath and lather each other up with soap. You can hug to each other and relax in arms.

If you have good enough space, allow her to sit on your lap and wrap her arms around you. At the same time lather soap body will do its work, the touch of each other makes the environment horny.

#2 Clean each other up.

Lather up and move your hands to each others body. Before go for sex, fingering, scrubbing will arouse to each other. You can use hand shower and wash her breasts with your hand that will make her more erotic.

#3 Foreplay in the shower.

Looking each other naked in front of mirror always turn both of you on. Kiss each other along the water runs from the faces. The kiss must be passionate and sexy.

#4 Use a towel.

Use towel on the floor. When you both can’t wait for long and looking ready to have amazing move in water, a towel work as a cushion to feel your butt and knew comfortable. It gives a wet comfortable feel to your lady when she felt on towel and you are on her.

#5 Hold on to something.

If you have a slippery floor, hold something that keep you control on your body. Don’t use anything that can’t take your weight, keep slippery thing like soap bars away from you because it can spoil your mood.

#6 Don’t change positions too fast.

Sex in shower by hearing this gives you an amazing energy. Pick position that allow comfortable to you and your partner. Keep in mind that whether your partner feeling comfortable or not, ask her about this, just don’t go through your self.

If you feel comfortable your partner, your partner can please you long. Try so many thing that will kill the environment and you must try in again. After reading all this tips about shower sex and once you enjoyed then you will often want to meet for sex and erotic enjoyment.


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